Field expeditions

In November 2017 and January/February 2018 two intensive field expeditions for one week each took place. The route led along the Awash River about 650 km downstream from Chilimo Forest (2383m above sea level) to the village of Gewane (570m above sea level). At 12 sites macroinvertebrates and fish were collected, whereby the macroinvertebrates were sampled according to the multi-habitat sampling procedure. In addition, light traps were set up at each location to collect adult stages. Fishes were sampled by electro-fishing and various net-fishing techniques.

Members of the 1st expedition: Yonas Tereffe, Genanaw Tesfaye, Gernot Englmaier, Paul Meulenbroek, xy and Wolfram Graf;
members of the 2nd expedition: Yonas Tereffe, Aschalew Lakew, Olyad Dereje, Genanaw Tesfaye, Gernot Englmaier, Paul Meulenbroek, Herwig Waidbacher and Wolfram Graf