WP 1. Biomonitoring framework to assess the status of Ethiopian Highland rivers.

Activity 1.1. Survey existing information and data for river basins in the central highlands (hydrology, land use, meteorology, physico-chemistry, morphology, biology data etc.).
Deliverable 1.1: Metadata on existing information and data for river basins in the Ethiopian Central (PDF, 1MB)

Activity 1.2. Collect biodiversity data in highland streams and rivers of Ethiopia (focus on benthic macroinvertebrate, fish) based on data from literature, previous projects and study sites.

Activity 1.3. Develop/adapt a top-down operative stream classification system (typology).
Deliverable 1.3: Top‐down operative stream classification system (typology) for Ethiopian highlands (PDF, 6MB)

Activity 1.4. Validate and adapt existing benthic macroinvertebrate river biomonitoring concepts for Ethiopian highland rivers with the results received in Activities 1.2 and 4.4.

Light trap - catching adult stages of caddisflies