WP 4. Human and institutional capacity building for the sustainable use of aquatic resources including curriculum enhancement

Activity 4.1. Develop modules/course chapters in the field of surface water resources management for MSc curricula at Ambo University.

Activity 4.2. Develop short courses, including manuals, for practical training in aquatic ecology designed for research institutes, universities, agricultural and natural resources colleges and development organisations.

Activity 4.3. Organise expert exchange between partner institutions for lecturing and experience sharing (North-South, South-North, South-South). Develop a plan for further research activities and initiate future proposals based on the gap analysis and the project’s results.

Activity 4.4. Offer research grants (field and laboratory costs) to 7 female and 3 male MSc graduate students enrolled in Ambo University in the area of surface water resources. Define research topics (based on needs in WP 1 to 3) and supervise students.